older miniature golden retriever puppies

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This is our "in training" page. All dogs will be trained as we get the time to do so. Therefore all will be at different stages and levels. Some still may not have any training yet so please ask about the pup you are interested in before purchasing.


Ivory has two little girls that are ready to go soon. "Ivory Jake Litter born on 8/4/19!  These girls are considered miniature light gold and will mature  30-40 lbs.

These girls are started on their training now and their base price will be $1400 (plus training) for the little girl with the improper bite and base price for the girl with a perfect bite will be $1600 plus training.

See pics below:" See early video of Ivory girls HERE


We have some older miniature golden retriever puppies from Max and Abbey that we will be posting soon. Some have an incorrect bite and will be marked down due to this cosmetic defect. These boys will be started on training likely mid Feb. Base price for these cream males with poor bites will be $1000 plus training. The cream female with the poor bite base price is $1200 plus training. Born 7/26/19





Looking for a different size or color miniature golden retriever puppy or adult?

Younger Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies


Or perhaps an older Miniature Golden Retriever adult?

Miniature Golden retriever Retired Adults


Abbey X Max Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies Video

"FRED" Video 12 month old Neutered male


 Fred has been hanging out here as our farm dog for many moons now....he is 81% golden retriever, about 37-40 lbs is my estimate. Adorable, naturally mellow, loyal, gorgeous, neutered....started on training....$1900 plus adult dog shipping if needed Born in December of 2018. Such a nice dog. Will get pics soon. Start with the video above. ;)



 abbeys girl below:




Ivory Females below:

Ivory girls above and below: