Retired dogs

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 We can not ship adults via Air very well at this time.


On this page we will offer retired breeders or other adults:

Each dog will have different levels of training so please read the short description by each one for individual personalities and training levels.

Our retired dogs are males and females that are no longer needed to continue on the miniature and toy breeding program. These dogs typically are between 1-5 years old, crate trained (not house trained) ( which means they will typically hold it overnight or at least several hours while crated before having to go potty outside) know their names, come and sit. (please ask specifics for the dog you are interested in) Many of them also will walk on a leash without fighting and trying to get away (AKA LEASH TRAINED). Many will be doggy door trained as well. Doggy door training at our place is not giving them free reign of the house but typically only 1 room. So I can not guarantee that they will be doggy door trained at your place if the setup is different. Pricing for miniatures are "typically" $1200-$1700 


LIST of  retiring adults (Keep watching for updates as new dogs are added as I make adjustments) be prepared to tell me about yourself if you are wanting a retired adult. Adults DO NOT "always" acclimate as well as puppies so finding the "right" home for an adult is top priority.

MOST ADULTS NEED: Fenced in yard with a quiet home. MOST can not acclimate to city life and will primarily be a home body. NO, a dog park across the way isn't going to work. NO, going with you in the car all over will not likely work for MOST adults. If there is an exception, I will note it by the dog listed.

1) Why are some of the dogs shy?

 Answer: It really depends on the dog. One reason is that we do live on about 40 acres. Our dogs see "us" , horses, pigs, cows and "our" cars, no street lights ect. their entire life. Our nearest "good" vet is 80 miles away. We give our own vaccines (only core) do our own deworming, and don't take animals that are not sick to the vet! The vet office is actually where I believe I got my very first case of parvo! That was a nightmare! Also, if we keep a puppy and it already has a very mellow, calm disposition, then we get too busy, (happens here we DO have a lot going on and we are not perfect! Neither are other people, they just may have flaws in other areas :) That pup may already be reserved, or even shy by the time we realize it. I am not happy about this but it is the price "we" pay for raising "mellow" easy going, calm dogs. Energetic dogs seldom have this issue.  Either way, if you are not wanting a dog as described, that is up to you. Thanks for considering giving one a home.

Please see pics on our parent dog pages for now.


 We will be homing several of our adults now or in the near future as we are planing a drastic cut down. Some of these dogs will include:










Willie ~  $500

Violet ~ Ready after pups are weaned or now for the right doodle breeder.

Tango ~ $150 (special home)

Jakey ~ Ready Now $500

Sweetie ~ Possibly

Lexi ~ Mini Poodle female $200

Young adult pups need homes as well.


 So if you are interested in ANY of these dogs, be prepared to tell me about yourself and your home environment so we can find the best fit for both you and the dog.

Prices range from $200 - $1000 plus transport ect.