Older Puppies

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Older Puppies


 Christmas special going on now!

Buy any older puppy at our already reduced price:

Purchase 1 week training (minimum) and we will board your puppy for $50 per week and ship to you Christmas week (18th thru 22nd of Dec.)

Benefits of this:

  1) Your puppy will arrive already started on: crate trainining, doggy door training, basic commands like "come" and the hand motion to "sit" for a treat.

  2) By getting an older puppy: you will have a better idea of temperament and disposition opposed to a younger puppy.

  3) Older puppies come with a slightly larger crate.

  4) Older puppy shipping ($400): includes a 1 year rabies vaccination (Free) and we can include other vaccinations (for a fee) so that your puppy can fly from here and go right to your puppy day car/play center without a delay.

  5) Purchasing an older puppy: now will give your more time to save up (like a layaway) to have your puppy delivered either just before or just after Christmas.

  6) Deposit reduced: for older puppies to $250 (typically $400-$500) (Training still needs to be paid at time of deposit)


Don't want to pay for training but still want to secure your puppy?

We will accept a $350 reduced deposit and board your puppy at the rate of $65 per week (payable weekly) And then ship your puppy to you Christmas week!