Picture Day

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GUYS!!! Some people are asking for clear, close up video pics of puppies.......I practically have no internet half the time up here in the boontoolies! We can barely send out 30 sec, not clear video without uploading to youtube. Did I mention.....sometimes I litterally have ZERO internet within 30 min drive. Not even joking. We are happy if we get to keep power when internet goes. ;)

Pictures are taken "about" once every 2 wks for puppies between 1-8 weeks of age. It is typically between 7-14 days between pictures. Please note that pics are never top priority here. Care of the MANY critters and people are top priority. Please be patient....we DO take them when we get the time! See our service page for other info. Also, we do not nessesarily do pics on the same day each week. We have many things going on around here almost every day and puppy pictures take about 2-4 hours to do depending on litters. Therefore, we try to pick a time when we have the amount of time needed to get good pictures.We also typically have several litters we are dealing with at a time. Just because you do not see litters on my site, that does not mean we don't have them in our kitchen. ONLY puppies without homes are pictured on our site typically. 

Puppies 9-15 wks get their pictures taken about once every three weeks as there is very little change in their appearance at that age.

After 15 weeks they will get a picture taken every 4-6 weeks or if I have a serious interest only.

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests we get for new pictures....different poses ect. We have had to make up this schedule. Puppies hardly ever sit still for picture time so please try to be patient.

Even an "informal" picture will take a minimum of 20 minutes by the time we collect the pup, get the camera, prepare the correct card, find someone to hold the puppy, (2 person job when pups are 4+ weeks) get puppy to LOOK at camera and perk up its ears. Then retrieve card, plug into computer, crop picture so that it can be sent efficiently, then send it.

We do not typically do cell phone pics as we are not set up to get good clear pictures that way.

So 20 minutes times 15 people per week asking = ALOT of EXTRA time trying to please everyone. 



If you by some chance are waiting for a newer, better, different picture before placing a deposit, that is up to you. However, don't be completely surprised if the puppy you are hoping for is no longer available by the time you get around to placing the deposit as puppies are held in the order in which deposits are received.

Typically pictures will improve the next week so please just try to be patient.

Thanks for your co-operation and understanding.